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07/18/08 11:24 AM #5    

Norma De La Rosa (Malone)

That was me. I had to do a little detective work - visited a few websites and traded emails with a CA newspaper.

He was a real fun guy! He is missed by many.

07/21/08 03:11 PM #6    

Wendy Hurt (Cloud)

Thanks so much for taking the time to set up this website. It is AWESOME!!!

07/22/08 10:04 PM #7    

Tiffany Selover (Rabone)

WOW!!! Norma this website is great and such a wonderful idea. Hopefully we can keep this up for years to come.

07/23/08 01:36 AM #8    

Suzi Farmer (Furlanetto)

I wanted to give you my is so fun to see people from school, and their families....this website is are very clever! You have made everything SO has been a joy to see people again....great work!

07/23/08 04:13 PM #9    

Krisann Gunter (Stegall)

WOW! What a great site! Thank you Norma. This will be great for keeping up with everyone. Thanks to those who showed up at the meeting too.

07/24/08 01:17 PM #10    

Charlie Barker (Caputo)

It seems like just yesterday that we were all together and now we are planning our 20 year! I have enjoyed seeing and reading about everybody so much. Its like I am a kid again excited to see if anybody added anything or sent a message.

PS: thanks Norma for taking the time to help us communicate.....i love it!!!! :)

See everyone soon......


07/29/08 12:34 AM #11    

Johnny George

Thank you Norma. Way to step up and get something going!
I know Todd Cogbill lives in Mesquite. I signed up for my space so I could send him a message. Ran into Ladonna Smart some years ago at a mall in Dallas. She said she was going to Georgia if I remember right. She also said her brother Roger was married and lived in Canton. And in some random conversation with someone a few years ago--Caryn Howell lives in Terrell. Hope that helps and sorry so wordy. Johnny G

09/12/08 06:54 PM #12    

Bonnie Liebreich (Gradt)

Just FYI - I noticed that a comment was made about having a "day" thing for our reunion.....we are! That is included....we are looking at a family day and then an adult evening. Just wanted to bring that to anyone's attention that was curious. Thanks! Bonnie

09/29/08 01:44 PM #13    

Jana Lovvorn (Titsworth)

Does anyone else feel "old"....OMG! 20 yr reuinon!!! I have a HS student that makes it even worse! Young at heart right!!!

10/16/08 09:12 PM #14    

Latricia Strutton (Petty)

For those of you who have grown up and now feel "old"... see what you get! For how many years now (20) y'all have said I need to grow up, haven't, don't feel old :-)

I can't wait to see all of you old farts - ha ha ha

love you all!

10/22/08 11:49 PM #15    

Rhonda Wright (Shabazz)

If you think that you feel old then trying having a 22 year old who will be delivering her first child Nov 08. That's right I guess if you were the first mom you would definitely be the first "yaya" because I refuse to be grandma, nana, memaw or any of those OLD dreadful names (lol)

11/17/08 04:16 PM #16    

Tracy White

I would just like to request that whatever venue that we choose is easily accessable to handicap. As many of you may know, I am in a wheelchair from an automobile accident I had a few years back. I would appreciate the accomodation. Tracy

01/07/09 09:07 AM #17    

Wayne Stroud

First, thanks to Norma for this site! Second... wow, 20 years?!? Boy, that'll sure make ya feel old in a hurry. As will looking through some of the collections of pictures from way back then. :) Lots of faces and names I vaguely recognize. Some with less hair or more wrinkles. lol. In any event, danged nice to rekindle old memories. Look forward to jabbering with some of you soon. In the meantime, catch up on me over at MySpace. Search on Blackin0494. **Wave!**

02/10/09 04:00 PM #18    

Elizabeth Julian (Smith)

Hey Classmates,

I wanted to share an email I received from Ralph's sister. It was very sweet...


It is odd how things happen.................I googled me daughter's name - Tori Brownlee - and the first entry I clicked on pulled up the
"In Memory" page for Sport. My emotions began to overwhelm me as I read the entries that followed. I am so glad that my little brother left behind good memories for others to share.

February 22 will be 7 years since he was taken from us and it seems like it was just yesterday that my Dad called me and gave me the terrible news. My parents and I immediately got on a plane and went to California. It was and still is very hard on my parents.
I think about him everyday and I miss him so much.

I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to me that his classmates have helped keep his memory alive.

Have a great day!!

Micki Wennerstrom------------aka Micki Brady

p.s. Kudos to Norma for going above and beyond finding the information that she posted. Good detective work!!! Next time you see her please let her know how the "In Memory" page she created found it's way to Sport's family.

03/05/09 05:44 PM #19    

Noel McGee (Oglesby)

I have Ralphs Senior year book! All signed up!! You guys think his family would want that?

03/06/09 01:55 PM #20    

Elizabeth Julian (Smith)

Noel, I will email his sister and see.

05/04/09 09:44 PM #21    

Bonnie Liebreich (Gradt)

OMG! LOVE the senior pictures with our profiles. That is greatness! You just have to laugh about all that big hair.

05/12/09 09:34 AM #22    

Suzi Farmer (Furlanetto)

The senior pics are so great....charlie and i are wearing the same necklace...haha....

07/01/09 10:47 PM #23    

Shelah Bishop (Cerveny)

I'm a little out of the loop, how did Cynthia Edwards die? She was such a good person.I was hoping to get in touch with her when I found this site.
And thank you guy's for adding me as a guest,maybe no one remembers me but I sure remember all of you.

07/14/09 12:10 PM #24    

Elizabeth Julian (Smith)

Hi Shelia,

I do remember you. You and Vickie were good friends and you were in band with us. Cyndi had ovarian cancer. She was a very sweet person and great friend.
Glad you are on here and keep in touch.

07/14/09 12:11 PM #25    

Elizabeth Julian (Smith)

except maybe I could have spelled your name right. I am sorry.

07/14/09 04:35 PM #26    

Shelah Bishop (Cerveny)

Thanks, Krisann,Karnea,and Liz for getting back to me on Cynthia. It is always so sad to loose somebody so sweet..........

07/14/09 11:48 PM #27    

Karnea Dickerson (Dannheim)

I agree!

07/30/09 12:10 PM #28    

Elizabeth Julian (Smith)

Hey Classmates,

Here are the answers to the trivia game:

The Class of 1989
20th Reunion
Trivia Game
1. What did Mrs. Gunter use for punishment and we ended up loving?
A Refrigerator box
2. What was the “concept” called that let know what happen in each grade before we got there? Open Air Concept

3. What two teachers made us write the “dec”for chewing gum? Mrs. Youngblood and Petillo

4. If you are real old school what was it called before being called cruising the bricks? Roping Town

5. Where did most people ride their first mechanical bull in Wills Point? Dalton’s

6. Who had in high school cruel and unusual punishment for us? Coach Armstrong

7. What were we more scared of in Drivers ed with Mr. Cockerham crashing the car or spilling his spit toon

8. What caused us to delay the first day of senior year? Smoke in the Air Conditioner vents

9. Who had the two 89er’s had “boom-boom” cars in Wills Point? Todd and Joey

10. What year did the basketball team play in Austin? 1988 state final four

11. Who did we play in Quarter finals in football our senior year? Southlake Carroll

12. What was the name of the song the 89’s in band got to design a drill to? God Bless the USA

13. Where did the phrase Power on/Power off come from? The Electric company Assembly

14. Who sold us fruit every year? FFA

15. Name the UIL One Act play our senior year. No Fading Star

16. Name two things that we brought back into school traditions our senior year. The White gift service and A bonfire

17. What was the theme of the Jr. Prom and the Sr. prom? Jr. Lost in the 50’s/Sr. Wild, Wild West

18. What was the little man’s name that lived in Coach Davis’s closet? Kung Fu

19. Name the School newspaper. The Blue and White Banner

20. What were our Superintendent’s and Principal’s nicknames? Rosie and Snookie

21. Who were long time coaches in WP one coached girls volleyball and one coached boy’s baseball? Schref and Martin

22. Who was the girl’s basketball coach our senior year? Durham

23. Who in our class placed seventh in the hurdles and who placed for regionals in discuss? Susie Farmer/ Rhonda Wright

24. What was a first for the tennis team our senior year? The whole team qualified for regionals

25. On what day and what time did we graduate from high school and where was it? June 3rd at 4pm the hot football field

04/13/12 10:46 PM #29    


Holly Mitchell (Lizama)

Okay, where is everyone at? I have lost contact with so many over the years, memories have been flooding my mind lately. I was surprised to hear about three of or classmates passing, I have fond memories of all of them. I don't want anymore surprises so I promise to be more vigilant!sad

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